​​​Delivery Tuesday 11/13:  3 meals for $36 - please no substitutions or alterations

Meal #1: chicken and shrimp jambalaya over cauliflower rice

Meal #2: sweet potato beef sloppy joes

Meal #3: basil chicken over baby spinach with strawberries and caramelized onions

If interested, please complete the contact form, email me at smallpotatoespersonalchef@yahoo.com, or call 603.377.0688.  Please remember, at this time, meals come together in a package of 3 for $36.  

*Free delivery within a 15 minute drive from Barrington.

I'm excited to offer single serving clean meals to my customers.  Whole, unprocessed, nutrient-dense.  No sugar, soy, dairy, grains. 

3 meal package per week for $36 with delivery on Tuesdays.  Meals come

pre-cooked in an 8.5" x 6" x 1.5" microwavable container and just need a reheat.

Dish to the left:  Mongolian Beef with red and green peppers and shredded carrots over cauliflower rice

Special Diet

Clean Eating